Provide your employees & clients with a clean and healthier work environment. We sanitize, clean, and disinfect surfaces on a Schedule that makes your needs, whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Empty trash cans

Spot wash walls

Clean light fixtures

Remove cobwebs

Dust windowsills & ledges

dust doors, mini-blinds, light

Vacuum carpets, rugs & steps

Sweep & mop hard floors

Clean light switch plates

Clean all glass doors & windows (interior & exterior)

Deep Clean Services

We take care for your cleanin needs


Deep Clean Service Include

Beds made Master room & (1additional bed included)

Vacuum all carpet areas (stairs vacuumed& banister cleaned)

Ceiling fan & light fixtures (dusted)

Cobwebs removed

Moldings & woodwork (dusted)

Baseboards (dusted)

Lamp & Lampshades (dusted)

Pictures & what knocks (dusted)

Furniture (dusted)

Top of refrigerator

Microwave cleaned interior & exterior

all appliances polished & or cleaned exterior

All  wastebaskets emptied

All Bathrooms sanitized & mirrors cleaned

All window ceils (dusted)

Deep cleaning (Extra Request) Discuss upon request


” Cleanliness is Close to Godliness “

Let our cleaning techs check off the biggest moving in or out burden on your list. Our cleaning techs will make you say AHHH… If you’re moving in or out of you house, home or Apartment.

There is enough time in a day. Let T & L takes care of your cleaning needs! There is only Enough time in a day for 1 job, let T&L take care of your 2nd job (home cleaning needs) Commercial & Turn Key. Commercial & Turn Key